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If you are looking for a competent technology consultant to help you solve challenges together with your team, look no further! 
* This is the feedback we keep getting from our clients since 2010 
Looking for a Product Manager, UX Designer, UI Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, DevOps or any other specialist? Our specialists can help you within any technology field.
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Carefully selected, staying with us longer than the Swedish industry average. Established in 2010, 5 offices in Sweden and Slovenia.

Satisfied clients

In 2022. Having clients from all over the world makes us skilled in remote deliveries.

Years client retention

On average, with an NPS score 75+ at all times. Clients stay with us a long time, some of them have been with us 13+ years.


involved in various programs to increase minorities in tech through mentorship.
Continuous knowledge sharing within our organisation, with our clients, and within the community.

Knowledge Focus

How much knowledge do we actually share? 

It is important, it is impactful, it makes a difference. That is why we make sure we keep running different initiatives, activities, events and other opportunities within our organization, with our clients, and within the community.
Getting the job done AND sprinkling the magic of knowledge sharing over your organisation
We are not just getting the job done, we are also actively sharing knowledge within your organisation. It can be in any form: from workshops, to upskilling, mentorships, to anything else your organisation might need. Our clients know that by working with one of us, they get access to the knowledge (and our ways of sharing it) of our entire company.


Whether you need a technology consultant, or if you are looking for ways to use technology to enhance your business, we are committed to going beyond ordinary - and taking you with us.
Prisjakt - Peter Stark
Prisjakt - Peter Stark
"We have worked together with consultants from tretton37 in several projects before, and felt entirely confident that they would solve the task in a good way. They always have a high technical competence and work in an ecosystem that makes the entire company’s pool of knowledge available to us."

Peter Stark

Oleter Group - Ola Spetz
Oleter Group - Ola Spetz
"The investment we are making today in digitization, will be absolutely crucial for our competitiveness in the future."

Ola Spetz

Telia - Johan Lilja
Telia - Johan Lilja
"We wanted senior people to partner with our young talent in an advisory role to help them grow. tretton37 has been able to step in as the tech lead for a team and teach what it means to work in a modern agile team."

Johan Lilja

Head of ACE Knowledge product team
Voyd - Anders Härén
Voyd - Anders Härén
"tretton37 is picky and only recruits top talent. The three people we have had in our project have been exceptional. I have worked with tons of consultancy firms and the three people tretton37 provided have been in the top tier by far - competent developers and great culture-fit."

Anders Härén

Paradox Interactive - Kate Traver
Paradox Interactive - Kate Traver
"tretton37 has an excellent array of staffing options, especially with advanced experience which isn’t always easy to find."

Kate Traver

Project manager
Alfa Laval - Tom Manelios
Alfa Laval - Tom Manelios
"tretton37 was focused on assuring that things were implemented with quality and time in mind. It was an example of teamwork working at its very best, supportive throughout the process, and exciting to launch!"

Tom Manelius

Service sales development
Fiskarhedenvillan  - Henrik Hargedahl
Fiskarhedenvillan  - Henrik Hargedahl
"tretton37 has created an advanced system based on our requirements that has put us way ahead of the competition."

Henrik Hargedahl

Global retail company
Global retail company
"I have been working with tretton37 for the past few years, they have been a pillar of knowledge within our teams. They continue to deliver with great quality and they are the company that has our highest trust to deliver a great product."

Global retail company

Technical manager
Oleter - Daniel Teclemariam - Specialists page
Oleter - Daniel Teclemariam - Specialists page
"tretton37 have essentially staffed the entire team…with everything you have in a modern product team."

Daniel Teclemariam

Alfa Laval - Jakob Nilsson - Strategy services
Alfa Laval - Jakob Nilsson - Strategy services
"I knew that tretton37 is genuinely interested in turning technology into value and have seen them translate our business needs into viable solutions before. We felt confident they would do a great job."

Jakob Nilsson

VP of operations

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