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Swedish automotive company

Swedish automotive company

needed help with a massive, business critical microservice solution
tretton37 provided technical expertise to improve the system's code quality, optimize performance, and refactor technical debts. Also implemented new business logic, integrations, and features
resulted in a more robust, efficient, and secure system that actively addressed technical debt

Developing and improving a leading Swedish automotive company’s microservice solution to increase security and accuracy


A leading Swedish automotive company has a microservice solution that provides integrations between multiple systems designed to sell products or provide online services. The client needed help with developing and maintaining this system by implementing new business logic, integrations, and features. They needed seasoned technology experts to help them further develop their microservice for the future in a sustainable way for the business, while also eliminating critical bugs.


tretton37 came in to help our client to maintain and improve their microservice solution, to provide technical expertise, and to implement new business logic, integrations, and features.  We also worked on improving the code quality, reducing the number of bugs and flaws, optimizing performance, and refactoring technical debts. Along the way, in the course of the main work, we identified and managed to fix a lot of critical bugs, including security vulnerabilities, race conditions and concurrency issues, poor data structure and design. All this helped to prevent any potential financial loss for the company.


After our team's assistance, the client's system  has been more robust, efficient, and secure. As a result, the client has a reliable and efficient platform that integrates between multiple systems designed to sell products or provide online services. The client will also have peace of mind knowing that the system became  more  secure, and the correct data types are used for financial data, preventing any potential losses.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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