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Whether you need a technology consultant to help you tackle your day-to-day challenges, or if you are looking for ways to use technology to enhance your business, we are committed to going beyond ordinary - and taking you with us.

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How did we make knowledge central to everything we do?

When recruiting, we make sure to hand pick those individuals that share common commitment to learning, teaching and growing. We enable them through our values, initiatives, opportunities -so they can grow together. So that they can help you grow in the same way!

Our mission is to use the power of knowledge to grow and shape individuals, companies, communities, and ultimately the world. 

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Our clients are from various industries and geographical markets including Scandinavia, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. Among them are Mitsubishi Electric, Deutsche Bahn, Thule, Klarna, CDON, Chroma, Budbee, several Fortune 500 companies, and many others.