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Press release

January 31st 2024: tretton37 launches pro bono initiative for social impact startups (press release in English Swedish).

About us

tretton37 is a Swedish technology consultancy company established in 2010 with over 300 employees, 5 offices  in two European countries.  It is known for its innovative practices within technology consulting - towards clients and employees. Their defining characteristics are their knowledge sharing and focus on individualized, empathic mentorship as a way to enable growth.

Their clients are from various industries and geographical markets including Scandinavia, Europe, USA, and the Middle East. Among them are Mitsubishi, Deutsche Bahn, Thule, Klarna, CDON, Chroma, Budbee, several Fortune 500 companies, and many others.

Some of their projects have resulted in cost savings of over 4.7 million USD per year and have reduced manual labor by 78%. Their progressive approach to technology has opened new markets and revenue streams for several European market leaders, and given others the competitive edge needed to stay relevant in today’s ever changing market.

They are proud of their numerous community initiatives that span from increasing minorities in tech through mentorship to co-investing into the first technology hub in Slovenia. 
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Board members

Lars Björk
Chairman of the Board
Lars is an independent investor, advisor and board member to the tech start and scale up scene. Former CEO of Qlik.
Eric Persson
Board member
Eric has been engaged in Axel Johnson/Nordstjernan during the last 15 years and has extensive board experience. He is deputy chair of the board of the Promobilia Foundation and a board member of tretton37.
Tobias Håkansson
Board member
Tobias has been working in the software industry for more than 20 years in both software and business development. Last 5 years his focus has been on software startups with various positions such as CTO and CEO at estable.
Anders Dellson
Board member
Anders is an experienced entrepreneur and Board Director, currently CEO of Nordic Delta Group AB, the majority owner of tretton37.
Deniz Yildirim
CEO and Board member
Deniz is an accomplished entrepreneur focused on creating and growing technology businesses, he is the founder and the CEO of tretton37.

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