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What if this really is
about you?

We are proud to be people-centric. What does that mean? We put YOU first, we try hard to understand your needs and your aspirations and make sure that the boost of knowledge sharing opportunities helps you grow like nowhere else.

Have you ever wondered how far you could go, if you were given the right support and opportunities? Join us and find out! 

We believe in putting people first, we believe in

Get your knowledge boost through your own competence budget, have a manager that is also your mentor, participate in many internal and external structured knowledge activities, create your own initiatives and events (anything is possible - we once 3D printed an entire office!), team up with like-minded colleagues and leave your mark.
Be surrounded with those that like to learn, teach and grow - as much as you do. Find your place among colleagues that share your interests (from tech to ping pong), are supportive, caring and will encourage you to share knowledge in every possible way. Get social (if you want to), and most importantly - get appreciated,  as you are!
We are a Swedish technology consultancy with global focus. We work with some of the most innovative companies all around the world, including Mitsubishi, Deutsche Bahn, Thule, Klarna, CDON, Chroma, Budbee, several Fortune 500 companies, and many others. Clients rate our work as NPS 75+ at all times and stay with us 5+ years on average.
You will find over 40 nationalities in our organization! We are also proud initiators of various activities that increase minorities in tech through mentorship.
Community impact
From diversity initiatives and partnerships (Voyage, Leet Ladies, Techella, Pink Programming), hosting our own conference Leetspeak, regularly holding knowledge events online and offline, speaking at conferences, to co-investing into Slovenia’s first technology hub Ljubljana.tech to bring new opportunities to the region. These are just a few. We are proud to make a difference.
Our offices are located in two countries (Sweden - Stockholm, Borlange, Lund, Helsingborg and Slovenia - Ljubljana). We offer hybrid work options and flexible work hours that fit your team’s preferences and your family’s schedules. We encourage work-life balance.
What does knowledge sharing mean to us?
It is the people!
Being a consultant is extremely rewarding
Knowledge is Power(ful)
Go Beyond Ordinary

Our values 

We are a people-centric company with the culture of learning, teaching and growing.
Go Beyond
We go beyond what is expected. It makes us grow and keeps us moving forwards.
Be Genuine
Being genuine is about transparency, accountability, responsibility, honesty and trust.
Embrace Difference
We embrace different cultural backgrounds and respect all voice and opinions. We are empathic towards others, and celebrate our differences.
Challenge Now
We challenge the status quo. We see what needs changing and challenge it. Now. Not later.
Enjoy The Ride
We find joy in what we do. It's about the journey not the destination.

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June 2024
Simplifying Accessibility: Preparing for the 2025 European Accessibility Act
June 26, 2024
August 2024
PARTNER EVENT: Pink Programming Robotics & AI Camp
August 23, 2024
August 2024
PARTNER EVENT: Pink Programming Cyber Security Camp
August 18, 2024

"You miss 100% of shots you did not take"

said someone other than us (it was Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian hockey player). Take it from him.
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