Tetra Pak

needed to connect buyers and sellers of reusable test equipment
tretton37 focused on using their existing platforms and creating a seamless user experience
a lightweight, scalable solution that met the clients needs and reduced their environmental impact

Using SharePoint to Create a Marketplace for Tetra Pak to Save Costs and Add New Services


Tetra Pak, a pioneer and world- leading food processing and packaging solutions company, wanted to reuse test equipment that was currently thrown away after each use. The company saw the opportunity to save costs, reduce waste, and have a positive impact on the environment. To achieve this, they needed a marketplace where buyers and sellers could trade used equipment. The platform had to be easy to use, accessible via smartphones, and scalable for future expansions.


tretton37 partnered with Tetra Pak to create a simple solution that leveraged their existing Microsoft SharePoint platform. We added a lightweight responsive web layer that made the solution accessible via smartphones. Our team focused on providing a smooth user experience with an easy-to-use interface that enabled sellers to snap a picture with their smartphone, enter some descriptive text, and go back to work. We also made it easy for buyers to search for test equipment and connect with the associated seller. Our solution was designed to be scalable and expandable for future use cases.


Our team delivered a lightweight, easy-to-use, and highly accessible solution that exceeded Tetra Pak's expectations. By building on their existing SharePoint platform, we avoided the need for additional IT infrastructure investment. We also delivered the solution well below budget, thanks to our close collaboration with Tetra Pak and truly understanding their needs. The marketplace enabled Tetra Pak to reuse test equipment, save costs, reduce waste, and have a positive impact on the environment. The success of the solution has encouraged Tetra Pak to expand the idea to include all sites, different categories of equipment, and transactions with external partners and customers. Our solution demonstrated that it is possible to achieve big business impact with simple technology, and SharePoint can be a viable application platform even for mobile devices.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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