Quality policy

Quality  policy

Purpose Statement

We use the power of knowledge to grow and shape individuals, companies, communities, and ultimately the world.

Quality Policy

Clients and other stakeholders can expect tretton37 AB to:

  • Always provide the most competent and knowledge-driven consultants at the right time and according to agreement
  • Create satisfied clients by providing passionate consultants who work with them to meet their needs
  • Be a reliable business partner, employer, or other partner
  • Constantly develop the knowledge and skills of our employees to achieve our objectives
  • Use our clients’ feedback to continually improve our processes

Every employee strives to:

  • Satisfy client requirements and other needs from stakeholders, including applicable binding laws and regulations
  • Contribute to constantly improving operations and raising the level of quality of our services
  • Live and breathe our core values – Go Beyond, Be Genuine, Challenge Now, Embrace Difference, Enjoy the Ride
Deniz Yildirim