About us

We believe that knowledge
can change the world

Challenge now, go beyond, and enjoy the ride. Be genuine and embrace difference. These are the five values we live by. We take them very seriously as they make sure we are able to fulfill our mission and vision.

Our story

2010, Lund, Sweden. We realized there has got to be a better way. A better way to do a better job, a better way to deliver better outcomes to our clients. A better way to be a better employer to our people. 

This is where and when we committed to hiring only those individuals with a shared enthusiasm for knowledge, mentorship and growth who make sure that the flow of knowledge never stops. 

This is how we put people, clients and employees, first. We make sure to understand their aspirations, support them through our knowledge sharing, and help them grow beyond what they think is possible.


To always put people and their growth first. 


We use the power of knowledge to grow and shape individuals, companies, communities, and ultimately the world.

Our values 

We are a people-centric company with the culture of learning, teaching and growing.
Go Beyond
We go beyond what is expected. It makes us grow and keeps us moving forwards.
Be Genuine
Being genuine is about transparency, accountability, responsibility, honesty and trust.
Embrace Difference
We embrace different cultural backgrounds and respect all voice and opinions. We are empathic towards others, and celebrate our differences.
Challenge Now
We challenge the status quo. We see what needs changing and challenge it. Now. Not later.
Enjoy the Ride
We find joy in what we do. It's about the journey not the destination.

Fun facts

Our values mean something
We live and breathe our values.
Creating important things
We produced our very  own board game, once 3D printed one of our offices (with tables and people inside it!), created a self-counting ping pong table, a magic tree, an AR  photo booth, a magic mirror - there is no limit to what we can come up with and make happen.
Ideas supported
We might not be a small company, but we operate as one. Any good idea that emerges has full support to be actualized. Most of our activities and initiatives came from grass root movements;  such as Leethack, Gamejam, Voyage, Quiz nights, Code in the dark, and many others.
Funny gifts
Because we think every gift should be created with care and attention to detail. From smash-it Easter eggs, “Drink me” julmust, and these “Accept our cookies?” deliciousness. And more.
Learn together, relax together
We like to spend time together, professionally and personally. Our regular leisure activities of choice would be martial arts, ping pong, karaoke, board games and petting dogs.
Knowledge IS in our DNA
This is just to repeat how important knowledge is to us (yes, we created that balloon-made DNA ourselves).
Wall of leet
In each of our offices, you can find every single one of us. We have something called the Wall of Leet where all 300+ portraits of us are displayed in every single office we have.
Why not?
We sometimes brand our snacks, because why not?
We bring our families together to celebrate special occasions, such as Christmas and the beginning of summer. And sometimes we dress up for other special moments.
Animal lovers all the way
Yes! Dogs, cats, goldfish, and anything in between.
Stand out from the crowd
Hoodies, T shirts, dog bandanas, baby clothes, hats, socks and other items - we like to get (very) creative with our merchandise.
Into fika
We are Swedish, we like our fika.
Knowledge Is Power(ful)
For us knowledge is key to everything. The more we share it, the more we learn. A win-win circle. But it cannot be just a side gig, just something that we occasionally dust off. For this to truly work, it has to be embedded in the DNA of the company and the people around us have to feel the same way about learning and growing. We are talking about the people in the organisation, about our clients and the communities around us. 

You see, knowledge is like an invisible flow that connects us and enables us to go forward- together. That is why we believe that knowledge has the power to change the world. 
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How does knowledge shape the world?

From diversity initiatives and partnerships, hosting our own conference Leetspeak, regularly holding knowledge events online and offline, to co-investing into Slovenia’s first technology hub Ljubljana.tech. We actively share knowledge with communities around us - and we keep creating new ways to do so. 

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Our offices 

Klarabergsviadukten 61-63
The Waterfront Building
111 64 Stockholm
Klostergatan 2
222 22 Lund
Trg mladih 9
1000 Ljubljana
Kungsgatan 6
252 21 Helsingborg
Målaregatan 10
784 33 Borlänge