Deutsche Bahn

needed to customise their payment system but ran into limitations
tretton37 reconstructed the tech, streamlined the user experience, and deployed the solution within six months
resulted in ease of use for end-users, created new revenue streams for Deutsche Bahn and their partners, and allowed for scalability and connectivity with third-party partner services

Customising Deutche Bahn’s Touch&Travel payment system to create new revenue streams


Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany, needed to customise their Touch&Travel payment system for local transport providers. However, their current system was limited to internal infrastructure, hindering scalability and connectivity with third-party partners. Our task was to revamp the technology, streamline the user experience, and deploy the solution to a cloud platform within six months. Our innovative solutions helped Deutsche Bahn achieve their goal on time, providing a seamless experience for users and enhancing connectivity with third-party partners.


tretton37 collaborated with Deutsche Bahn to successfully deliver the project. Our team of fifteen experts, comprising project managers, scrum managers, developers, testers, and designers, utilised an agile development approach, with Deutsche Bahn as the product owner. Together, we established cloud environments using IaaS on Amazon Web Service and developed a streamlined distribution process between AWS, Apple AppStore, and Google Play. Additionally, we reworked the native mobile applications and updated the legacy backend applications, which were based on Java, to enable other vendors to utilise the Touch&Travel payment system.


The new Touch&Travel payment system enabled ease of use for end-users who can purchase and pay for their tickets without queuing. The revamped system also created a line of new revenue streams both for Deutsche Bahn and their partners. Deploying the solution to the cloud platform allowed for scalability and connectivity towards third-party partner services. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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