needed to improve their web performance, customer service efficiency, and customer-centricity
tretton37 improved web performance by focusing on code efficiency and UX - resulted in cost savings and increased efficiency
tretton37 coached product teams in performing product discovery and established ways of working with UX and design - resulted in increased customer satisfaction, retention, revenue, and market share

Improved web performance and coaching product teams at Elkjøp to increase retention and revenue


Elkjøp, known as Elgiganten outside of Norway, is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics with 400 stores in 6 countries and 10 000 employees.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must have a high-performing website, understand their customers' needs, and take a customer-centric approach to product development to stay competitive. Elkjøp, a popular e-commerce platform, recognized this and sought help from tretton37 to improve their web performance, customer service efficiency, and customer-centricity. Leveraging our expertise in code efficiency, product discovery, and UX tretton37 collaborated with Elkjøp to generate considerable cost savings, improve efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Let's take a closer look at our partnership with Elkjøp and how it led to these remarkable results.


Improving web performance

Elkjøp faced a challenge that most businesses would love to have: too much demand to handle. As they switched to a new e-commerce platform, they realized that their site needed to perform at a higher level to meet customer demand and ensure a consistently great customer experience. This is where tretton37 came in.

We assembled a task force of our experts and Elkjøp's internal specialists to improve the site's performance, which would in turn boost SEO and traffic. By focusing on code efficiency and UX, we conducted experiments to move the metrics and improve the customer experience. The task force was able to save on infrastructure resources and create a more efficient application, addressing Elkjøp's concerns and helping them keep up with demand.

Coaching Product Owners and Teams in Modern Product Management and Development Technique

The business ran into a challenge where the customer service domain was incredibly expensive, and the more merchandise that was sold the more customer service work was required. This created an environment where it became quite expensive for the business to scale. When tretton37 became involved we began coaching a newly established product team in performing product discovery. Even though the phone queue was incredibly long, once customers got through the satisfaction rate was high however, so the priority was making sure that customer service was available to those customers who really needed it, and helping those customers who could, to help themselves and save them valuable time. The team then identified the top reasons customers were calling in, and performed additional research around potential solutions. The outcome was implementing various self-service features online, in the chatbot and also automated services on the phone, so that customers could more quickly and easily get what they need without direct interaction with a customer service agent. these  activities led to significant cost savings and efficiency gains, whilst keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

Using UX to drive business performance

Elkjøp aimed to improve customer satisfaction and engagement by modernizing their ways of working. Recognizing their lack of understanding of customer needs and behaviors, they sought a more customer-centric approach to product development. To achieve this, they engaged tretton37 and one of our UX experts to help establish regular customer interaction within their teams and spread best practices throughout the organization. Our close collaboration with the teams involved teaching them how to conduct direct customer interviews, listen in on customer service calls, and analyze customer feedback for valuable insights. Our consultant also recommended adding a banner on the "contact" page of the website to build a pipeline of customers for interviews.

In addition, we helped establish ways of working with UX and design to ensure effective integration of customer insights into the product development process. This resulted in a more customer-centric approach to product development, which improved customer satisfaction and engagement. Through our consulting work, the client achieved better alignment between their products and customer needs, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, the company experienced a boost in revenue and market share, thanks to their improved customer-centric approach to product development.


tretton37’s partnership with Elkjøp has resulted in better web performance, increased customer satisfaction, and helped them modernize their ways of working. Perhaps most importantly, the knowledge and support we provided has established a clear path forward to ensure Elkjøp is able to deliver the best product possible for their customers.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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