aimed to digitise their systems
tretton37 developed TGS, an application that optimised the dialysis treatment workflow and automates data collection
successfully implemented in clinics worldwide, improving patient experience and staff efficiency, and a more efficient development process

Digitising chronic kidney disease care for Diaverum to enhance patient experience and save costs


Diaverum is a global provider of specialist care for chronic kidney disease, it has over 400 clinics around the world, more than 13 000 employees, and provides over 6 million treatments annually.

Diaverum wanted to digitise their systems to improve patient participation, reduce administration, and support intuitive workflows. They aimed to create user-friendly tools that strengthened the patient experience and enabled their staff to work more effectively.


We partnered with Diaverum to develop an integration module that collects data in real-time from dialysis machines and an application that optimises the most important workflow for the largest user group, dialysis nurses. The application, Treatment Guidance System (TGS), ensures that the treatment is carried out correctly, automates data collection for medical follow-up, and minimises administration. TGS was designed using React.js and can be used as a web application on a laptop.


TGS has been successfully implemented in clinics around the world, with users expressing satisfaction that it is the tool they have been waiting for. The roll-out was smooth and completed within two days of installation. The development team at Diaverum has integrated new tools and ways of working into their development process, resulting in shorter iterations, reduced risk of misunderstandings, and a more efficient development process.

Overall, Diaverum's digital evolution has improved patient experience, enabled their staff to work more effectively, and reduced administration. The success of the project has also resulted in a more efficient and innovative development culture within Diaverum tech teams.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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