use data in a new way that supported customers and stakeholders
tretton37 helped develop a new service that would meet the needs of diverse audiences
new channel for Prisjakt and increased competitive advantage

Turning data into a product to open new revenue streams and increase Prisjakt’s competitive edge


Prisjakt, the largest price comparison site in the Nordics, received long-standing requests from customers to make their data available in a way that meets the wants and needs of all relevant stakeholders. The challenge was to provide the data in a format that is useful for both tech-savvy e-commerce giants who require real-time data, and the local bike shop that needs easy access to insights.


In collaboration with tretton37, Prisjakt developed a new service called Insights, which offers B2B customers data-driven insights about customer behavior and e-commerce markets. The development team, comprising consultants from tretton37 and Prisjakt's own developers, worked closely with Prisjakt's sales, marketing, and UX staff to build the solution. They used Google Cloud Platform, primarily with Python and TypeScript, to create a system that makes the data accessible from Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or via an API in the customer's own BI-tool.


The result was a new service that allows B2B customers to access the latest prices, inventory status, and popularity of products in the category of their choice. With Insights, users can analyze competitors, trends, and assortments, including determining what is popular and what is not, and how prices change over time. This new service has helped Prisjakt move from being a marketing channel to becoming a relevant player in a data-powered future. The solution transcends Prisjakt's relevance from the B2B customer's marketing departments to development and strategic pricing teams. The collaboration with tretton37 helped Prisjakt to meet the challenges of providing data in a format that meets the needs of all stakeholders, while allowing them to offer a new service.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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