Akribi wanted to attract fresh talent and appeal to a new generation of clients in their sector.
tretton37 refined and enhanced the brand identity while honouring existing elements.
Akribi is equipped with a robust set of principles that guide their refreshed brand representation across all platforms.

Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Brand Reinvention with tretton37


Akribi is a company specialising in accounting software. Their software solutions are not just tools; they are the backbone of their clients' financial operations.

They have carved out a unique space serving a diverse range of clients, including municipalities, real estate firms, and companies in the energy, water, and sewage sectors. 

What sets Akribi apart is its deep and long-standing expertise in its product sector. They've not only been consistently profitable over the years but have also mastered the art of finding the perfect balance in the market. While some competitors are either too big and impersonal or too small to meet complex needs, Akribi strikes just the right chord, catering specifically to their target users with precision and efficiency.

Their success story isn't about flashy headlines; it's about reliability, expertise, and a deep understanding of their clients' needs. Akribi stands out as a testament to the power of specialised knowledge and a focused approach in today's diverse business landscape.

Enter tretton37

Akribi, found themselves at a pivotal moment in their journey. Despite their long-standing success and profitability, they recognized the rapidly evolving nature of the tech industry and the need to stay ahead of the curve. Their primary challenge was twofold: attracting fresh talent and appealing to a new generation of clients in their sector.

To address these challenges, Akribi sought to revamp its brand identity and website. They understood that to resonate with a younger, more dynamic audience and to stand out in the competitive tech landscape, a modern and forward-thinking brand image was essential. This wasn't just about a cosmetic change; it was a strategic move towards future-proofing their company in an industry where staying relevant is critical.

They knew such a transformation required more than just a superficial makeover. It needed a comprehensive approach that encompassed not only a new visual identity but also a solid framework of guidelines, components, and styling to ensure consistency and effectiveness across all platforms. This is where our expertise came into play. 

We were tasked with not just redesigning their brand and website but also establishing a robust set of guidelines to anchor their new identity. This step was seen as crucial in their journey towards embracing change and preparing for the future.

Why did Akribi want to bring in tretton37 designers?

One of the key gaps the client identified was the need for comprehensive brand guidelines, components, and an updated web design that not only aligned with their current needs but also paved the way for future developments. They foresaw the necessity to enhance the user experience of their product down the line and realised the value of having a consistent consultancy partner throughout this journey.

Choosing tretton37 over an agency offered a significant benefit: seamless integration and continuity. With an agency, they worried about fragmented ownership between their brand elements and product development. Our involvement promised a holistic approach, where the brand guidelines and components we developed would not only serve their immediate web design needs but also form a cohesive foundation for future product improvements when the time comes, thanks to our expertise in product development and user research. They appreciated that with tretton37, they were not just getting a service provider but a partner who would be intimately familiar with their brand and equipped to assist in its change. This long-term perspective was crucial in their decision to bring us on board.


At tretton37, we took a nuanced approach to enhancing the client's brand identity. Rather than overhauling what was already in place, we chose to build upon and enrich the existing brand elements. Our goal was to make the brand library more accessible, easier to understand, and simpler to use.

To achieve this, we focused on a few key areas. Firstly, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and components. These tools were designed not only to complement the existing brand identity but also to provide a clear and consistent framework for its application across various mediums.

Using these newly established guidelines as our foundation, we started redesigning the client's website. This involved reimagining the website's information architecture to ensure a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. By restructuring how information was organized and presented, we aimed to enhance the overall usability and appeal of the website while keeping the client’s goals in mind.

In essence, our work was a blend of refinement and creating something new that felt fresh. We respected and retained the core essence of the brand while introducing fresh elements and structures to bring it up to date with the latest industry standards and user expectations.

Why did we decide to implement and create what we did?

In our recent collaboration, we went to refine and enhance their brand identity while honouring their existing elements. Our approach was driven by a strategic and respectful consideration of their established brand. We recognized the strength and relevance of the client's existing logotype. In our assessment, it effectively represented their brand without necessitating any redesign. This decision underlined our commitment to maintaining the integrity of what was already working well for the client. While we had the liberty to explore a broad spectrum of colours, we chose to fine-tune the existing palette slightly. This slight modification in the hex codes was not about altering the identity but about refining it for enhanced visual harmony and coherence. This subtle yet impactful change ensured that the brand's colour scheme remained consistent and more visually appealing. A key area we identified for improvement was the lack of structured brand guidelines. We stepped in to fill this void by developing comprehensive guidelines. These guidelines serve as a cornerstone for brand consistency across various platforms and mediums, ensuring the brand's identity is communicated clearly and consistently.

Recognising the absence of a cohesive typographic style, we suggested a specific set of typography for the client's website. This recommendation was aimed at strengthening the brand's visual narrative and ensuring that all textual elements on the website contribute cohesively to the brand's identity while also creating a modern look and feel. 

We also emphasised the distinction between overarching brand guidelines and specific components for different mediums, such as the website and product designs. This distinction is crucial, as it allows for flexibility and adaptability in implementation while maintaining the brand's essence.


Our efforts resulted in the development of a comprehensive prototype for a new website design. This prototype, along with the guidelines and components, works almost as a blueprint set to guide the client's developers in constructing their new website, ensuring a cohesive and strategically aligned online presence.

Furthermore, the creation of detailed brand guidelines encompassing various components and styling rules has been a significant deliverable. This has not only streamlined the design process, saving considerable time, but it will also greatly minimise the potential for errors when developing. By providing this structured framework, we have equipped the client with a robust set of principles that will guide their brand representation consistently across all platforms going forward.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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