Sortera wanted to introduce a new digital customer experience while demonstrating the value of investing in IT
Together, we formulated a product development approach aligned with customer's needs and the overall business strategy
The new customer portal increased the number of orders, improved self-service, and showed how IT can create business value

Evolving Sortera's Digital Customer Experience


Sortera is the leading provider of sustainable solutions for a circular economy for construction, infrastructure, and industry in Northern Europe. They prioritize using technology to innovate their offerings and provide top-notch customer service. Sortera wanted to introduce a new digital customer experience, called The Last Mile service, which would enhance communication with customers through daily order specifications. They sought to enhance trust, streamline their IT processes, and demonstrate the value of investing in technology.

Sortera was interested in exploring a new approach to product development, which they identified as a key step towards their desire to rapidly innovate and deliver increased value to customers.

They wanted a partner who could work side-by-side with their team to not only create The Last Mile service, but mentor and coach them to ensure that innovation would be sustainable in the long term.

Sortera engaged tretton37 to introduce a modern way of working with digital products, leveraging the Empowered Product Team approach initially evangelized by Marty Cagan. 


The Empowered Product Team way of working was chosen to maximize the value for Sortera as a business and its customers. The key here was to connect all the activities within the IT function to Sortera’s business strategy and goals via the product strategy.

tretton37’s approach involved the following key elements:

  • Empowered product team: Creating cross-functional teams with Product, Design, and Tech experts who work together as peers directly with end users
  • Continuous discovery: Weekly user research to understand the real needs of the customers
  • Outcome-oriented approach: Focusing on outcome over output and delivering value that aligns with business goals
  • Product strategy: Established product leadership and developed a product strategy based on quantitative and qualitative insights which provides focus for the teams
  • KPIs and metrics: The progress is measured and reviewed to ensure that the results lead to real value for the business and the customers 
  • Reduced process steps: Streamlining processes to enable quicker feedback loops and adaption to the current context
  • Automation: Automating release cycles to increase the pace of product delivery


The collaboration with tretton37 has yielded significant results for Sortera. There is an established, modern approach to working with digital products which has increased the value that IT provides for the business and Sortera’s customers. Together we have implemented a fully functional SMS service with unique links for daily order details. 

Then, a new customer portal was built which is accessible through the web, iOS, and Android apps. The customer portal has increased the number of digital orders and the grade of self-service. The customers get an enhanced customer experience with several advantages while Sortera improves their operational efficiency. Environmental reporting capabilities are also being significantly improved through the digital services for the customers, leading to a USP for Sortera compared to the current competition.

The team at Sortera also has a deeper understanding of modern product and tech development. The IT function has fully embraced the new ways of working and developed an even deeper customer-centric culture.

Overall, the partnership with tretton37 enabled Sortera to adopt modern ways of working with digital products. This has allowed them to deliver a more efficient and customer-focused waste management experience while aligning their technology efforts with their business objectives.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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