Lendo wanted to add a new service for users that would also bolster engagement and retention
tretton37 provided UX experience to rapidly test the business ideas
In two months, a refined prototype of a personalised credit score application was launched

Increasing Retention with Data and Design Thinking


Lendo, a prominent marketplace for loans operating across multiple countries, wanted to improve user engagement and retention on their platform. They wanted to extend the user journey and increase the time users spend with their services. The inspiration came from the US credit scoring system, where credit scores are used to assess individuals' creditworthiness. Lendo aimed to create a similar service that analysed users' financial behaviour, including shopping habits, loan history, and more, to assign them a personalised credit score. The goal was not only to provide users with a credit score but also to educate them about how to enhance their scores through actionable tips.


Recognising the need for expertise in user experience (UX) design, tretton37 provided a UX designer who joined Lendo's app development team. The collaboration began with a series of workshops and an in-depth analysis of Lendo's current user data. This data-driven approach aimed to identify pain points and opportunities within the user journey.

Based on the insights gathered, the team created a clickable prototype of the application. This prototype was used to test various ideas on real users. The tested ideas included different types of interfaces that allowed users to access data related to their shopping behaviours and learn how to improve their credit scores. User feedback played a pivotal role in shaping the application's direction.

After conducting usability tests and considering user feedback, tretton37 and Lendo decided to refine the application's design. Unnecessary features were removed for the initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) release, ensuring a focused and streamlined user experience. The interfaces were also adjusted to enhance user-friendliness and ensure that users could easily comprehend their credit scores and the associated tips for improvement.


Following the usability tests and design refinements, Lendo proceeded to build the application and a few months later, the personalised credit score application was launched. The application allowed users to gain insights into their financial behaviours, receive a personalised credit score, and access actionable tips to enhance their scores. The collaboration between Lendo and tretton37 resulted in a successful application launch that not only addressed the client's goal of increasing user engagement but also provided a valuable financial tool for users. This case exemplifies how a company can leverage expertise in UX design and data analysis to drive positive business outcomes.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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