needed help with technology decision-making, establishing best practices, and implementing testing processes
tretton37, in very close cooperation, helped with important technology decisions
created innovative, new possibilities for enhancing their physical products with software

Enhancing THULE’s physical products with software to open new business opportunities


THULE, a company specializing in providing lifestyle products for outdoor adventures in over 130 countries worldwide, is seeking innovative ways to integrate software into their physical products. To achieve this goal, they require the assistance of a tech consultancy firm to aid in critical decision-making regarding technology choices, establish best practices, and implement testing processes to ensure they continue delivering outstanding products for their customers.


tretton37 has developed a strong partnership with THULE by prioritizing open and frequent communication. We even made a visit to THULE's headquarters to better understand the impact of our work and meet their entire team in person. This close collaboration has enabled us to help THULE make important decisions regarding technology choices, implement best practices, and establish testing processes that ensure their continued success in delivering amazing products.


By working together, THULE and tretton37 are creating exciting new possibilities for enhancing their products with software. Tretton37 is proud to be a part of this project and looks forward to continuing their successful collaboration with THULE.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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