needed to secure funding from investors
tretton37 helped refine the concept and created a prototype
resulted in clearer understanding of product's potential, a clickable prototype



Creating a prototype for GLIS to innovate and enter the market

GLIS, a tech startup with a unique product concept, approached tretton37 for help in securing funding from potential investors. They needed assistance in visualizing their product and creating a prototype that would showcase its potential and attract investors.


The tretton37 team worked closely with GLIS for a period of two months, helping them to refine their concept and create a visually appealing presentation. The team also assisted in identifying potential investors, and the product was presented to multiple interested parties.


Currently, negotiations between GLIS and potential investors are still ongoing. However, the partnership between GLIS and tretton37 has already yielded positive results. With tretton37's assistance, GLIS gained a clear understanding of their product's potential and became more confident in presenting their concept to investors. tretton37 team provided valuable insights and support, making the process smoother and more effective. The partnership has been successful, and we're optimistic that GLIS will achieve their funding goals.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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