needed a high level of competence quickly to develop key features
deployed new features that retained and attracted key clients
Mediatool now has a more scalable and efficient platform to fuel growth, customer acquisition, and industry reputation

Custom Features to Increase Competitive Edge


Mediatool, a collaborative media management platform, faced a challenge when one of their biggest customers expressed the need for new, critical features. The customer was impressed with Mediatool's offerings, but required specific functionalities to enhance their media planning process. Mediatool agreed to develop these features, but realized they lacked the developer power and expertise to do so efficiently. They needed a partner who could quickly understand their technology stack and domain, and join their team to fulfill the client's requirements.


tretton37 jumped in to provided a skilled consultant who was familiar with Mediatool's tech stack. The consultant joined Mediatool's small but focused "special operations" team and immediately began collaborating on planning and developing the required features. By leveraging their expertise and understanding of Mediatool's platform, the consultant ensured that the new features aligned with the client's needs and integrated seamlessly into the existing system.


The collaboration resulted in the successful release of the highly demanded features. These features were not only tailored to the client's requirements, but also generalized to benefit all Mediatool customers. As a result, the client was able to transition from their unreliable spreadsheet-based solution to the scalable and efficient Mediatool platform. The addition of these features also attracted the attention of large international brands, who started considering Mediatool as their preferred marketing platform.

Due to this success, tretton37’s involvement extended beyond the initial client request, and the development of other highly sought-after features began. By continuously enhancing their platform, Mediatool positioned itself as a leading media planning solution globally, furthering their goal of becoming the go-to platform for marketers worldwide.

Overall, the collaboration between Mediatool and tretton37 not only solved the immediate challenge of developing critical features, but also resulted in long-term benefits for Mediatool's growth, customer acquisition, and industry reputation.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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