needed to create a platform for effective and sustainable construction site waste management
tretton37 developed the platform from scratch and continues to add new functionality through our ongoing partnership
the platform helped secure new capital, and resulted in a fully functional and sustainable solution for the waste management industry

Building Collecct’s platform from scratch to secure funding and enhance sustainable waste management‍


Collecct is a waste management startup that was founded with the aim of improving the recycling of construction-related waste products. They envisioned a platform that could bring together all the actors within the waste management domain to facilitate effective and sustainable waste management.


Collecct, partnered with tretton37 to bring their vision to reality. We developed their platform from scratch, selecting the appropriate tech stack, designing, prototyping, building the backend architecture and interface, and finally shipping the product into production within one year.

During the project's second phase, we identified a business opportunity to improve customer service and developed a new portal for onboarding and customer support. This portal was developed and launched within a few months and quickly adopted by several clients and subcontractors.


The implementation of the new portal not only improved the client's customer service but also helped them secure new capital for the next phase of production. The platform has since evolved into a fully functional product, and the fruitful collaboration between the client and our team has resulted in a sustainable solution for the waste management industry. The client's extensive expertise in the waste management domain, coupled with our technical knowledge and experience, led to the successful development of a product that enhances sustainability.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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