Universal Investment

challenges with a web-based system for fund reporting
tretton37 provided a long-term tech lead who helped build a microservices-based, cloud-hosted solution
resulted in a faster, user-friendly, and secure platform giving Universal Investment greater scalability, and increased efficiency and productivity

New web-based system for Universal Investment to increase reliability and usability


Universal Investment is a group of companies headquartered in Frankfurt with three regulated investment companies based in Germany, Luxembourg, and Ireland. The group manages more than 740 billion EUR in about 1,900 funds with about 1,000 employees. They were facing several challenges with their web-based system for fund reporting. The system developed some usability issues that made it difficult to operate, and the technology used to build the system was outdated, making it time for a revamp.


tretton37 partnered with Universal Investment to provide a long-term tech lead consultant in the product team responsible for building a new system to replace the existing one. Together, tretton37 and Universal Investment built a microservices-based, cloud-hosted solution that would improve both the user experience and performance.

The team developed a new architecture and design for the system, leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in software development. We focused on scalability, performance, and security while ensuring that the new system would be easy to use and navigate. Having a long-term dedicated consultant who really takes the time to understand the holistic view of the system has allowed for a combination of strategic thinking, risk mitigation, and working deep within the code at the same time.


The new system has resulted in a much faster, user-friendly, and secure platform for fund reporting. The new solution addressed all the challenges posed by the client's previous system and improved user experience significantly.

The customer feedback received by Universal Investment after implementing the new system was very positive, with users praising the new system's ease of use and speed. The new system has also provided our client with greater flexibility, scalability, and improved security, thereby resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the collaboration with tretton37 has resulted in a successful partnership that delivers a high-quality solution to Universal Investment, meeting their expectations and business objectives.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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