needed to upgrade old API and modernize their logistics platform
tretton37, in close cooperation, developed a new public API that was easy to understand and well documented, leading to increased customer satisfaction and attracting new clients
resulted in improved operational efficiency, reduced manual work, expanded service offerings, new market segments reached, sales potential increased

Platform and API upgrades for Urb-it lead to new service offerings and reduced manual work


Urb-it is a Swedish sustainable logistics platform listed on Nasdaq Nordic, that offers last-mile deliveries in urban areas throughout Europe. As the company rapidly grew, they encountered the challenge of balancing high pace and flexibility while expanding their operations. Furthermore, their old business-critical API was clunky, slow, and difficult to use, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. To improve their customer experience, scale efficiently, and maintain their market position, they required a technology upgrade and platform modernization.


Urb-it partnered with tretton37  to help scale their business, and to leverage our technical expertise. Together, we got to work developing and implementing a new public API to replace the old one. The new API was designed thoroughly, easy to understand, and well documented, which improved customer satisfaction and became the backbone of Urb-it's business. tretton37 also supported Urb-it’s team to integrate with FarEye, a dispatching and routing platform, to automate their parcel routing process, reduce manual work, and improve scalability. Additionally, we collaborated on the build of various portals, tools, and integrations to enable Urb-it to manage their parcel flows, customer care, sales, and communication effectively.


With tretton37's support, Urb-it improved their technology and operations, which led to significant business results. The new API increased customer satisfaction and attracted new clients. The integration with FarEye improved their operational efficiency, reduced manual work, and improved scalability. Urb-it also expanded their service offerings by adding reverse logistics capabilities, which opened new market segments and increased their potential sales. tretton37's code review, mentoring, and guidance helped Urb-it maintain best practices, readability, and maintainability of their code. Overall, the partnership empowered Urb-it to scale their business, manage their technical relationships, and remain competitive in the market.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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