needed to improve existing platform and workflow
a partnership was formed to modify the user interface, admin web app, and backend processes and integrations
resulted in cost savings through optimization of internal operations

tretton37’s design and technology specialists partner with AmTrust to help save costs


AmTrust Nordic is a global property and casualty insurance provider with a mobile insurance management system that required development improvements and maintenance. The challenge was to modify the existing mobile phone insurance claims management system that would allow insurance policyholders to create claims easily and enable AmTrust Nordic to manage the workflow of incoming claims from creation to closure.


tretton37 was engaged to partner with AmTrust to enhance the mobile phone insurance claims management system that would connect to multiple 3rd party frontend interfaces. The team conducted user tests on the existing design and created a new and improved design based on user feedback to enhance the user flow. They delivered a clickable prototype to the development team to improve the customer experience.

The focus was on three main parts of the system: the customer facing frontend, the admin web app, and backend processes and integrations. The customer frontend was designed with a user-friendly wizard-style UI to walk policyholders through the process step by step. The team also integrated with a 3rd party logistics provider to provide flexible shipping options based on the customer's location. The admin web app was designed to help insurance adjusters review claims, approve/reject them, and ask follow-up questions. Some decisions were automated to reduce manual work for the adjusters. The backend processes were mostly integrations with phone operators, logistics platforms, repair partners, and payment platforms (DIBS), to ensure that the claims don't get stuck in the process.


The partnership between tretton37 and AmTrust Nordic resulted in an improved mobile phone insurance claims management system that streamlined the claims process for customers and improved the workflow for internal stakeholders. The customers no longer have to submit claims through their phone operator's website, which saves time and improves the overall user experience. The features like allowing customers to repair the phone instead of replacing it entirely, added even more value to the platform because it introduced significant cost savings.

After the initial implementation, the AmTrust and tretton37 team continued adding value together by integrating with an additional phone operator, adding multi-language support in the frontend, integrating with a second repair partner, and integrating with a modern headless CMS for handling content in different languages. 

Knowledge sharing, trust, and partnership were key elements of success during this engagement. Throughout the journey, communication, empathy, and focusing on AmTrust’s business goals was key, and the tretton37 team worked extremely closely with the people at AmTrust as one team.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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