Oleter Group

saw tech as a huge potential for business and customer value in the property damage restoration space
tretton37 came in as interim CDO, introducing a single cloud strategy, improving digital tools for operational field staff and customer experience, and creating a digital link between customers, employees, and the business
resulted in the established connection between digital strategy and operations, increased profitability, and enhanced customer experience

The journey of digital evolution for Oleter Group to become an industry leader


Oleter Group aspires to become the industry leader within property damage restoration. In 2022, Oleter Group had a turnover of SEK 2.5 billion and employed 2,200 employees.

Oleter Group faced several challenges. Their digital strategy was disconnected from operations, making it difficult to achieve their goals.  The company also lacked proper digital customer care, resulting in a decline in customer loyalty.  The company was overwhelmed by all the threats and opportunities in the market, and there wasn’t a digital link between customers, the business, and employees, leading to a lack of cohesiveness.


To address these challenges, tretton37 proposed the following strategies:

Initially, tretton37 took the role and acted as interim CDO , to jumpstart the missing strategic digital ability that the client needed to connect their digital strategy with their operations. This ensured that their digital evolution was aligned with their overall business objectives. It is worth pointing out that not everything happened at once but, while the plan existed, we used a staggered approach to introduce continuous improvement instead of all at once.

Early on in the assignment, tretton37 proposed a single cloud strategy, which was approved and started, with the help of specialists from tretton37.

tretton37 then put focus on a small but crucial supplier of the software solution used by the client's field staff; an acquisition of this supplier was done  to mitigate this risk. After this, a cross functional team with specialists from tretton37, led by a classic trio - product leader, design respectively tech leader was onboarded and given the objective to improve the digital tools of the operational field staff - to become operation’s best friend.

The second cross functional autonomous product team provided by tretton37 was tasked with improving the digital customer experience. As the team was pioneering the field of digital customer experience, knowledge and insight had to come first. The team started off with discovery work, including interviews, setting up the first ever customer survey to capture feedback, and acting as an embedded employee in the field work together with the client’s staff. Insights and learnings were continuously shared with the client, as written reports and as short videos.

Finally, we assisted in creating a digital link between customers, the business, and employees. This  enabled the company to collaborate better and create a seamless experience for their customers.


Oleter now has an established connection between their digital strategy and operations, leading to a more effective and efficient use of resources. The client was also able to capitalize on various market opportunities and mitigate potential threats, leading to increased profitability.

After a few months, the team had evaluated and delivered:

  • Online scheduling: Many customers prefer the convenience of being able to schedule appointments online rather than having to call or email the company. Implementing an online scheduling system can help streamline the booking process and make it more convenient for customers.
  • Customer feedback system: Encouraging customers to provide feedback on their experience with the company can help identify areas for improvement, build trust and customer loyalty, and create brand ambassadors.
  • Easy-to-use lightweight customer portal: Having a digital touch point where clear information about the services can be, documentation, planning, appointments and ‘what’s next’, chat forum, budget and invoices has been sought after.
  • Mobile technology to, in real-time, see the status of every open customer case, report time, and also create events and bookings
  • A smart material check-out technology, allowing the staff on-the-go add tools and materials to a client’s file, as needed to carry out their field work

Finally, the digital link between customers, the business, and employees resulted in improved collaboration and productivity, leading to an enhanced customer experience. Overall, the client was able to become an industry leader by partnering with us through a time of digital evolution.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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