needed to design and develop a new service for their customers
tretton37 and E.ON worked closely to generate multiple ideas and deliver a prototype
resulted in a move closer to achieving the vision of offering digital self-services to all customers, while providing operational cost savings

Creating the concept and designing a prototype for E.ON to enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs


The E.ON Group is one of Europe's largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure and a provider of innovative customer solutions for approx. 48 million customers. It is focused on innovation, sustainability and improving people's lives.

E.ON wanted to offer digital self-service services to its customers to enhance customer satisfaction, service delivery, and operational cost savings. They turned to tretton37 for our expertise in strategy, ideation, business consulting, design, wireframes, concept development, and frontend development.


The solution aimed to achieve three primary goals: enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining service delivery, and reducing operational costs. In order to meet these objectives, the project had to fulfill several key requirements, including a rapid time-to-market, adaptability based on E.ON's feedback, and clickable prototypes that not only conveyed an exceptional user experience, but also effectively captured the essence of the service, making it easily testable with customers.

tretton37 closely collaborated with E.ON to design a prototype project. They brainstormed numerous service ideas and evaluated them from various user perspectives, considering their needs and challenges. After selecting a direction, they designed, developed, and delivered a few prototypes, continuously supported by valuable feedback from E.ON throughout the entire process.


tretton37 accomplished the project within the defined scope, on time, and within budget. We helped E.ON move closer to achieving its vision of offering digital self-service to all customers and reaching its set goals. Key success factors included close collaboration with E.ON stakeholders and short feedback loops that facilitated fast iteration.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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