a new high-performing platform and mobile app to reach millions of fans worldwide
tretton37 developed the new platform and app by utilizing a variety of technologies
enabled VOYD to monetise creators' passions and provide a seamless experience to users

Crafting a Streaming Platform


VOYD is a video and audio streaming service that provides creators with a platform to showcase their talents and monetize their passions. To reach millions of fans worldwide, VOYD required a new platform that could offer an outstanding user experience while being scalable and performant, as well as a new mobile app that merged their two previous ones. They sought a technology consulting partner to work closely with their team to develop a globally launchable platform.


tretton37 partnered with VOYD to fully integrate with their team and help with the development of the new platform. It was determined that a variety of technologies would be utilized, including TypeScript as the primary programming language, functional programming practices, event-driven architecture, event sourcing, CQRS, microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud functions. The platform and app were both designed with the goal of providing a smooth user experience while being scalable and high-performing.


The partnership with tretton37 resulted in a successful launch of VOYD's new mobile app, which received positive reviews from users. tretton37 provided continuous documentation updates and testing to ensure that both end-users and developers could work effectively with the app. Despite the limitations of the native source code for Android and iOS, tretton37 found creative solutions that allowed VOYD to keep the user experience high.

One of the most significant achievements of the partnership was the implementation of critical parts, including the backend for payments and invoices, completely by consultants from tretton37. The new platform enabled VOYD to monetize its creators' passions while providing a seamless experience to users. tretton37 provided over 100,000 strings of high-quality code and ensured that VOYD remained on-schedule for providing features for both the app and the new platform.

Overall, the partnership with tretton37 helped bring VOYD to closer to achieving its vision of connecting creators with millions of fans worldwide with a scalable, performant, and seamless platform.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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