needed to automate and scale their tools on the cloud for remote users
tretton37 used an Azure ecosystem, integrated with a user interface and management system
scalability, reduced processing time, and was easy for TIGERq to monitor, manage and maintain

Cloud-based analysis tools for TIGERq to scale healthcare research and grow the business


TIGERq is their cancer genomics software startup commercializing the most accurate and comprehensive sequencing analysis. It helps healthcare researchers and providers by providing advanced tools to analyze treatment efficacy. They previously used a personal computer and custom software to analyze large datasets in a specific way, but they needed assistance to make their process fully automated and scalable on the cloud. This would allow remote users to access their services without any limitations.


TIGERq has chosen to partner with us to enhance their system, and our team of experts has responded by assessing their needs and developing a solution that enables them to scale their analysis tools with minimal additional demands on their existing resources and capabilities. Our approach involved elevating the application core to a scalable cloud solution and integrating it with a user interface and user management system that uses active directory. To make the vast amount of data manageable, we utilized various parts of the Azure ecosystem, such as App Services, Blob Storage, SQL Database, and Virtual Machines, to create an architecture that the client can easily scale up as required.


We were able to create a system that delivered scalability, reduced processing time, and remained easy for the client to monitor and manage. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client and provided them with the necessary tools to maintain both the system and the platform. Our team's success in designing the appropriate architecture for the client was due to our profound understanding of their immediate needs and the particular obstacles they would face in maintaining and advancing any given system. By attentively listening to the client's abilities and requirements and drawing on our extensive experience, we arrived at well-informed architectural choices that were perfectly suited to their needs.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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