needed help with Prodikt - a platform that analyzes carbon emissions from building construction
tretton37 helped further develop the platform and onboarded Carbonzero's developers to support it
resulted in new clients and increased revenue

Building a Platform to Reach New Clients


Carbonzero, a company that specialises in analysing carbon emissions from building construction, was developing a platform called Prodikt. The platform aimed to enable architects, manufacturers, and builders to collaborate and gather data on the products used in construction, including their carbon footprint. Carbonzero was seeking a technology consulting company to partner with to continue building the platform and take it to the next level.


Carbonzero partnered with tretton37 for our expertise in building software solutions to help them realize their vision. We helped Carbonzero with the development of Prodikt and helped them onboard their own developers to support the longevity of this product. At the same time, we helped to enhance the platform by releasing import functionality for architect and construction models of buildings. The team continued to work on the platform by developing a module for full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis of emissions. This work has taken both the Prodikt platform and the company's digital organization to new heights.


As a result of the partnership with tretton37, Carbonzero has been able to take on new clients. The company is now on the path to becoming a true digital first company, and has increased their revenue streams. They also have a solid foundation both in terms of the tech product itself, but also the team who has been hired full time to continue the work.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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