Pavel Maslov


Description: Senior SW Engineer with 9+ years of professional experience. Passionate about Golang, Kubernetes, Android, IoT, reactive and concurrent programming, I like to design information systems, APIs and UIs. I understand the power of OOP, TDD and value the environment with well-established business and SW development processes.

Areas of interest: DevOps, backend, IoT, Android

Technology stack: k8s, CI/CD, Jenkins, Kafka, gradle, Java/Kotlin, Go, GraphQL, gRPC, Rx, Coroutines, SpringBoot, React

- I love to deploy code to production

- I have 5+ years of experience with JVM languages

- I love programming and am proud of my results

- I adopt a firm position about an issue

- I write clean code and maintain it

- I commit to open-source

- I like to educate myself

- Open to cutting edge technologies

- In my spare time I play basketball, swim and play guitar

Pavel Maslov



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