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Startup Boost

Give your tech startup a Startup Boost

Update: The deadline for this has now passed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Attention tech startups, this one's for you! Our initiative Startup Boost is for all tech startups trying to create a positive change in society. Ten selected startups from all around the world will receive our pro bono help in overcoming their technology challenges related to software development.

Startup Boost

We believe that knowledge has the power to change the world. Through Startup Boost, we want to share our knowledge and support startups in the beginning of their journeys. We are looking for ten startups from anywhere in the world that use technology to create a positive impact; from tackling environmental challenges, increasing transparency, improving diversity, bringing access to healthcare or education, or something else.

If you think your startup could use a boost, please thoroughly answer all of the below questions, and email your application to startupboost@tretton37.com by September 30th, 2023. Please note that only complete applications will be considered, and that by emailing your application you agree to our terms*. We can't wait to read all about you!

1. Name
First and last

2. Email Address
I.e me@mystartup.com

3. LinkedIn
Personal Linkedin profile link

4. Name of startup
Your snappy startup name.

5. Pitch
Describe your startup in a few sentences

6. Location
Where are you located

7. Year founded
i.e 2023

8. Number of employees
i.e 50

9. Website
A link to your startup's website

10. Stage of startup
What stage is the startup in (idea, MVP, scaling, etc.)? Please describe your maturity.

11. Startup Traction
Does your startup have traction (if yes, describe what kind of traction that is)?

12. Revenue
Does your startup have revenue, how much per year?

13. Current investors
Does your startup have investors? What was the size of the last round raised?

14. Media
Has your startup been in the media (if yes, share some  links to the articles)?

15. Founders
Who are the founders (name them and shortly introduce them).

16. Social Issues
What social issues does your startup address (boost inclusion, increase transparency, fight climate change, etc), please describe.

17. Market Size
What is the market size for your startup?

18. Business Model
What is your business model?

19. Competitors
Who are your competitors?

20. Plan
What is your 3-5 year plan with the startup?

21. tretton37
What do you think tretton37 can help you with?

Questions? Please visit our FAQ here or email startupboost@tretton37.com

*Terms and conditions

1. tretton37 AB, reg. no. 556797-9306, (“tretton37”) is a Swedish technology consultancy. tretton37 is running an initiative called “Startup Boost” which aims to provide pro bono help to tech startups that create positive social impact. Startup Boost helps startups overcome technology challenges related to software development.
2. Startup Boost is open to all applicants who are members of startups in any geographical area. “Startup” is defined as a technology company established after the year 2019 with up to 49 employees.
3. To qualify, and possibly be selected for participation in the Startup Boost, Startup must be a technology company that creates a positive social change, such as, but not limited to, positive changes related to the environment, inclusivity, diversity, transparency, accessibility, health, education, etc.
4. Startup is required to fill in the form. It is compulsory to provide answers to all the questions in the form. Any incomplete or untrue submissions will be considered as invalid.
5. tretton37 will handle all information provided by Startup in accordance with following applicable data protection laws and will not share provided information with third parties.  
6. Startup Boost initiative applications will be accepted from June 30th 2023 to September 30th 2023, Startup applications submitted after that time will not be considered.
7. tretton37 reserves the right to change the terms & condition without prior notice. Even then, such a change may lead to a Startup being disqualified from the admissions process.
8. Decisions concerning selection, shortlisting and finally admission to the Startup Boost are made at thirteen37's sole discretion. Decision is final and cannot be changed.
9. Only a selected Startup will receive an invitation to the Startup Boost.
10. Prior to the admission to the Startup Boost, the selected Startup will be required to enter the individualized agreement (a “Pro Bono Agreement”) stipulating the entire scope and nature of the cooperation between Startup and tretton37. The Pro Bono Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and be governed by the laws of Sweden.
11. Startup agrees that tretton37 may use any contact details provided by the Startup to tretton37, including postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact you for operational reasons. Startup must ensure that the contact details provided are accurate and if any changes are made, including to your e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and postal address, to promptly notify tretton37 thereof.
12. tretton37 cannot guarantee the Startup Boost to commence at any certain time. However, the Parties shall strive to find a suitable solution within a reasonable timeframe taking the availability of qualified consultants into account.

By submitting your application, you declare that you accept all terms and conditions.