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Apply to our Startup Boost initiative! Update: Closed for applications!

Apply to our Startup Boost initiative! Update: Closed for applications!

Give your tech startup a Startup Boost

*Thank you so much to all of you who applied for our Startup Boost, the application process is now closed*

Attention tech startups, this one's for you! Our initiative Startup Boost is for all tech startups trying to create a positive change in society. Ten selected startups from all around the world will receive our pro bono help in overcoming their technology challenges related to software development. Apply here!

Frequently asked questions

We are humbled by the positive responses we have received so far. Here are a few questions that you might be wondering about.

1. Do I need to give equity or any other form of compensation to get help from tretton37 though Startup Boost?

No. When we say pro bono help, we mean it all the way. We will not ask you for any compensation or equity or any other sort of payment for the services provided through Startup Boost.  

2. What is in this for tretton37?

We would like to be able to talk about our work with you publicly and invite you to participate in our knowledge sharing opportunities.

3. Why does tretton37 do this?

We have a very long history of sharing knowledge with the community (since 2010 to be exact). From mentorship initiatives, organizing affordable conferences, and much more. Our mission is to use the power of knowledge to grow and shape individuals, companies, communities, and ultimately the world. This initiative is one way we live our mission, because we want to share our knowledge with other companies who are making a positive impact on our world.

4. Can I be located anywhere?

Yes, you can be located anywhere in the world. We have clients from all over the world and we are skilled in distributed deliveries.

5. What are the startup requirements? Who can apply?

You need to be a tech startup, use tech for good (be a social impact startup), be founded after 2019 and have less than 49 employees.

6. When will I know if I have been selected?

The initiative will close its call for startups on September 30th, 2023. This is when we will review the applications, contact founders, conduct interviews and let you know if you were chosen.  

7. What exactly do I get? Is it software development?

We understand that every startup is different. Some might need help with UX, some an extra pair of hands to assist with the software development, some with strategy. Startups at different maturity stages require completely different support and therefore we do not promise pre-set packages. We will have a dialogue with each selected startup to make a plan and carry out the type of help that will benefit the startup the most at that point in time. This way we will really be able to address and resolve the biggest pain points for the selected startups.

8. When do I start getting help? How long will you help me?

The type of help and the timeline will be agreed upon once your startup is selected and we will make a plan together.

9. What happens after I am chosen?

We will discuss what tretton37’s involvement will look like and agree on all the steps together. There will be a Pro Bono agreement signed between both parties that will clearly define expectations from both sides so that the cooperation will be set for success from the start.


Victoria Holmqvist
Victoria Holmqvist