needed to improve usability and productivity of their suite of applications
tretton37 helped enhance user experience by building a new customer portal, conducted research, and delivered a comprehensive Estimate and Solution Proposal
provided a UX Research Report, a roadmap for clear next steps, and implemented a cost-effective solution that improved user experience and reduced costs

Modern product team helps SilverRail improve user experience and reduce costs


SilverRail Technologies, provider of the digital infrastructure for the global rail industry, had multiple internal and external customers who utilized their suite of applications. These applications had strong dependencies between each other from the customer's point of view, but provided a misaligned user experience and lack of integration, impacting the ease of usage for the user and, in some cases, their productivity. SilverRail wanted to improve the overall user experience by building a new customer portal.


tretton37 was approached to help SilverRail Technologies enhance the user experience of their suite of applications through a new customer portal. We started by conducting a series of interviews with five of SilverRail's customers to identify areas of improvement. This research informed a two-day user story mapping workshop with SilverRail stakeholders, resulting in a roadmap for the future customer portal, including an MVP and later releases.

tretton37 covered every aspect of the project, including design, wireframes, concept development, software coaching, cloud services, frontend development, and backend development. We delivered a comprehensive Estimate and Solution Proposal, which identified that an off-the-shelf extranet solution would be a more cost-effective option than building custom-made software. We proposed both solutions to the client and recommended the more affordable option, which would cover all of their needs.


The outcome of tretton37's work was a UX Research Report that identified areas for improvement, a roadmap for the future Customer Portal outlining the MVP and later releases, and an Estimate and Solution Proposal that recommended a more cost-effective solution. Our team consisted of six professionals, including a project manager, UX designer, SW architect, QA specialist, Operations Developer, and business analyst. By implementing our solution, we improved the overall user experience of SilverRail Technologies' suite of applications while reducing costs. Our client was pleased with the outcome, and we continue to provide ongoing technology consulting services to them.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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