needed to handle time-consuming manual processes, limited scalability, and difficulty in searching for specific houses and features
tretton37 automated manual processes, improved efficiency, and enabled scalability
gained a competitive edge and maintained their high customer satisfaction

Custom software to give Fiskarhedenvillan a competitive edge and save costs


Fiskarhedenvillan is a Swedish company that specializes in constructing quality site-built houses. The company was facing multiple operational challenges, such as time-consuming manual processes, limited scalability, and difficulty in searching for specific houses and features within them. As a result, these issues were causing delays in delivering quotes and responding to customer requests, making it challenging for the company to meet its customer's expectations and maintain their satisfaction.


Fiskarhedenvillan partnered with tretton37 so we could work closely together to understand the business requirements and develop advanced systems to automate manual processes and improve efficiency.

Together we built a technology that allowed Fiskarhedenvillan to price any type of house in just 15 to 20 minutes, a task that previously took up to 2 weeks. This system enabled Fiskarhedenvillan to provide customers with immediate answers, thereby improving their satisfaction. Additionally, we automated the documentation and paperwork processes by developing a system that could scan and save documents in the right location and send them to the right people when applicable. This solution eliminated significant manual labor and enabled Fiskarhedenvillan to scale its operations.

The team also developed a computer vision-based system that could read PDFs, remove all personal information to maintain confidentiality, and include a search and filter function to locate specific houses quickly. This solution allowed Fiskarhedenvillan's sales team to easily find specific houses and features within them, making it easier to respond to customer requests and maintain their satisfaction.


Through our collaboration with Fiskarhedenvillan, we were able to develop customized solutions that specifically addressed their needs, resulting in smoother processes, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The custom software solutions that were created significantly reduced manual labor and saved time, enabling Fiskarhedenvillan to scale its operations and focus on core business operations. As a result, Fiskarhedenvillan is even closer to realizing its vision of being the go-to choice for quality-conscious house builders, with the most satisfied customers in the market.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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