needed to create a mixed team of senior and junior developers
tretton37 mentored junior developers, provided coaching sessions, goal setting, and group sessions to improve their technical and soft skills
interns became self-sufficient, and ready for hire at Elkjøp

Mentorship of junior developers for a successful integration into Elkjøp’s E2E testing team


Elkjøp, known as Elgiganten outside Norway, is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics with 400 stores in 6 countries and 10 000 employees.

Elkjøp partnered with us to create a mixed team of senior tretton37 developers and junior developers doing an internship with Elkjøp to enhance their tech talent. This team was tasked with end-to-end (E2E) testing. The four junior developers had limited experience, having completed only a three-month coding bootcamp where they primarily worked with C# and .NET, while the team was focused on JavaScript. Our challenge was to mentor these juniors, help them quickly adapt, and seamlessly integrate them into the team to create a sustainable E2E testing process that would reduce costs and improve code quality.


tretton37's developers closely collaborated with the junior developers by offering personal coaching sessions, goal setting, group sessions to address growth areas, and weekly follow-ups to monitor progress. The focus was not limited to technical skills only, but also extended to soft skills and the mindset required for success in any software development project. The team emphasized the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, encouraging the juniors to develop a proactive and positive approach towards their work. By focusing on these areas, the team was able to create a successful and sustainable E2E testing flow that not only reduced costs but also increased code quality.


After only four months, the interns have become valuable contributors to the codebase and have been fully integrated into the team. Thanks to tretton37's mentorship and the interns' hard work and dedication, they have become self-sufficient and have managed to complete over 50% of the backlog of E2E tests in a short period of time. They have acquired expertise in Cypress, unit testing, TypeScript, GitHub, and JavaScript, as well as experience in agile methodologies. Moreover, they have gained a deep understanding of the business and the significance of the project they are working on. This experience not only helped the interns develop their skills, but also provided an opportunity for the mentors to learn and grow. The team fostered a strong sense of camaraderie, which will undoubtedly benefit them in future projects.

Christian Tallhamn
Business Development Manager

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