merge various websites into one unified brand that was scalable and easily maintainable
tretton37 designed and developed a scalable unified platform, resulting in significantly reduced infrastructure costs and tech debt while providing a seamless user experience
achieved strategic goals while gaining technical competence through mentorship to handle maintenance going forward

Unified and scalable platform created for DFDS to reduce costs and improve user experience


DFDS is a Danish, international shipping and logistics provider with over 11 000 employees, DKK 17bn in revenue, present in over 20 countries. DFDS faced a challenge of merging its various legacy websites with dispersed services into one unified brand while ensuring the new solution is easily maintainable and scalable. To address this challenge, DFDS partnered with tretton37, a technology consulting company with expertise in building scalable and cutting-edge digital solutions.


tretton37 collaborated with DFDS to plan and execute the new unified platform. The solution was designed and developed with performance, accessibility, and agility in mind, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Progressive Web App, Instant Search, and RAIL. tretton37 built a lightweight front-end client to serve as the website's Single Page Application presentation layer, ensuring offline capabilities and providing a seamless user experience.


The result of the collaboration was a scalable platform that could handle traffic spikes and future company expansion. The use of continuous deployment techniques and strong architectural knowledge resulted in a significant reduction in infrastructure costs for DFDS. tretton37's approach to continuous knowledge sharing, mentorship, and skill development ensured that the in-house development team gained technical competence, leading to a seamless handover of the solution and painless maintenance going forward.

The solution created by tretton37 resulted in a robust, headless, and serverless platform that could seamlessly accommodate a large-scale multilingual website. DFDS achieved its strategic goals of unifying its various legacy websites into one unified brand, reducing technical debt, and reducing infrastructure costs. With tretton37's expertise and partnership, DFDS is now equipped with a modern and scalable platform to support its business needs.

Patrik Nymehav
Key Account Manager

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