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Klavdija Učakar

Klavdija Učakar

There are times when I have to remind myself that not everyone needs to be notified when a De Morgan’s law or Modus Tollens was applied in a conversation.

But that does not stop me from enjoying long and meaningful conversations with people I know and love and (sometimes even more so) with strangers. So, that's my favourite activity outside work. I also love to be near water (seaside, lakes, waterfalls), or surrounded by arts and great food.

Something about my professional path: while exploring the wonderful world of mathematics, I stumbled upon software development. It felt natural to code from the very beginning. I love how it’s both logical and creative at the same time. If I have learned anything from it, it’s the following: almost any problem can be divided into smaller parts and solved in a simple manner. I started out with Python, which is still my language of choice when I have to make something simple or to explain a concept in programming. But my first job was web development and since then, my stack has been mostly Angular and .NET - which I absolutely love. I also like writing SQL (and PowerShell) scripts.


Klavdija Učakar


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