Sabina Brdnik

In East Slovenia born and raised, shooting people is how I spend most of my days.Ok, that didn’t come out right. I meant shooting people on set. Let me try this again.

Hi! I am Sabina and I am a camerawoman / video producer / storytelling editor / production manager / lecturer / titles collector. There. Much better.Geek by heart. I prefer work to workout. If you leave your dogs unsupervised for over five minutes I just might adopt them. When working with me be prepared for loads of pop culture and meme references.

In my free time you can find me gaming, binge watching a good TV show or taking a culinary course. If you can’t find me at home I’m probably out walking my dogs or my friends were right about my plants and my apartment has finally turned into a rainforest.

Sabina Brdnik


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