Remi Tonning

I see myself as a humble team player with an open mind for new challenges.

What do I believe in?One of the things I believe in and strive for in my daily work is to adopt and encourage a transparent culture. As a result, I believe we accelerate trust and prevent stagnation. With trust, we get high-motivated and collaborative teams. In the end - together we deliver better value to our customers.

What motivates me?I learn new things every day thanks to my colleagues. That's what motivates me and that's what makes me wanna go to work every day.

My key principles?My rule of thumb from different roles I've been given through the years is something like:As a Scrum Master - Don't lead. Instead, facilitate and protect the team.As a Tech Lead - Don't go all solo. Instead, Utilize team skills and make sure everyone in the team is part of the journey.As a Developer - Don't just code and focus on the technical stuff. Instead, make sure to also understand the business needs and goals.

In my spare time, I like to challenge my MIDI-keyboard, write songs or play the guitar. And sometimes I blow the dust away from Unreal Engine and do some happy coding in C++. It all depends on the mood.

Remi Tonning


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