Pontus Molin

I got my first taste of programming when I was about fifteen years old and very fond of playing computer games and I wanted to know how they worked and were made. So I looked around on the web and made a simple adventure game (with dragons!) for the terminal, using C++. Since then, programming has been one of my hobbies and now I finally get to do it professionally!

Among the technologies and programming languages I have tried I really enjoy web development. What I like the best about the web is that it is so easily available, anyone with a browser can access your product, and that includes all computers and smartphones. One of my favourite aspects of programming is the problem solving, I think it’s such a great feeling when you come up with the solution.

During my free time I like playing all kinds of games, computerised and not, with my friends. When it’s just me I tend to tinker with my hobby projects and they can involve anything from coding to 3D-printing or growing chillies or other plants that produce something tasty.


Pontus Molin


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