Oskar Mossberg

Once upon a time I used to work as a craftsman - refurbishing pool tables and installing office interior among other things. I loved the process of taking ugly broken things and making them functional and beautiful again. It was rewarding to leave a room with a beautiful piece of furniture and a smiling, happy customer. I loved the first few yeas, when I was still learning the tools of the trade, but eventually it all became a bit routine and finally I became bored. I wanted to keep learning. (Spoiler: I am still a craftsman)

After some travelling and soul searching, I began studying at University. I studied maths, finance and business management, but also computer science. Once I’d started to learn programming and design, I began to see that it offered me the same type of rewards as my earlier jobs. However, the big difference was that the learning possibilities here seemed endless… and as it turns out, they are endless.

While studying, I started a business together with three friends, and we made websites for a number of clients during our student years. When my friends left for careers in other industries I continued running the business on my own. It was a big challenge to have to take care of the whole business alone; from designing to coding frontend and backend - not to mention sales. It was really fun for a while, but - of course - I missed my friends.

I got the chance to join tretton37, and by doing so I get to keep doing what I love, with an even steeper learning curve and surrounded by so many great people - craftsmen and women - and so much knowledge collected under the same…well a few…roofs. I couldn’t be happier.

If I’m not at my keyboard, I’ll likely be on the golf course or at the bar around the corner. You might also find me hiking, sailing or cooking a fine dinner with my girlfriend.


Oskar Mossberg


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