Niklas Hedlund

I have always been into technology and computers. Or well, at least since I have had access to one. Before that I played with LEGO. My first coding steps were made in QBasic on an old 386 style computer with a portrait monitor. Realizing that the computer did exactly what I told it left me wanting more, so during my teen years I added more languages (computer languages mind you, my German is terrible) to my repertoire and I was hooked.

After that, stepping into the IT world seemed like the logical step to take, and so far I have not had any reason to regret doing so. Instead, I have found that being able to solve a problem for a customer (or colleague for that matter), using a more or less hackish solution, gives me a great feeling.

When I’m not wearing out my chair at work, I spend my time at home with my girl just enjoying life. My preferred form of exercise is to run - adding a map and calling it orienteering just makes it better. Apart from that, I like to tinker around with things: woodworking, electronics, 3d-printing, rc-planes and much more.

Niklas Hedlund


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