Mikael Fehrm

I've been working in-house or as a software consultant for about 6 years now, developing and maintaining tailor made solutions for customers in the building industry and foresting industry.Mainly SPA and enterprise solutions in the cloud or on premise, refactoring old monolith spaghetti-code or just building something from scratch.

What drives me is clean, readable, and maintainable code.My favorite coding principle is "Keep It Simple Stupid" (as programming languages are for humans to read).Strive to make code easy to read for everyone, junior developer or some super guru framework expert, it should not matter.

I also like to solve/translate complex workflows, the beauty of structured code in applications, and wisely chosen coding patterns.

When I'm not working I spend time with my family or build something in real life, mostly woodworking.I got two lovely kids and a wife, a cat, some hens, and a rooster named Cornelius.

I also like to fiddle with IoT or play around with cross-platform frameworks.I'm also a guitarist and composer for a metal band "Brothers of Metal", a kinda cheesy name I know but that's our trademark and people seem to like what we do.

So to sum it up, I love being creative and see myself as a DIY or maybe the modern term is a "maker"?Anyhow, creating something from almost nothing is a fantastic feeling. May it be software, a new terrace or music.I love the process of being creative.


Mikael Fehrm


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