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Matthieu Leonard

Matthieu Leonard

My father was a big inspiration in why I chose the software development path. I’ve been around computers my whole life due to his work with IT desktop support and network administration. Motherboards, graphic cards, servers, routers, switches, you name it.

Eventually, I started wondering how these pieces of silicon, plastic, and metal were able to communicate with one another and pop images or text onto a screen. How were people able to sit on another computer, input lines of text and get these devices to perform some sort of action intended or unintended? Thus began my journey...

What gives me the most satisfaction, is allowing people's lives to be made easier through the software I develop. Whether it is making things more efficient, manageable, or accessible. If something can be done to improve quality of life in many areas, I would like to do it.

Outside of work, I like to play football (soccer we call it in the states, unfortunately), mess with a Raspberry Pi, cook, play the trumpet, or do some sort of physical activity for fitness.


Matthieu Leonard


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