Matic Lokovšek

I’m a positive person, always trying to look for the good in every situation. I constantly try to humble myself by knowing how much there is to know about the world (and beyond), which makes me hungry for knowledge.

So the things that fascinate me the most & I am most interested in learning are how our mind and body works, psychology, mindset, health, nutrition, functional fitness, etc.My mission in life for the last decade has been (and still is) helping people reach their goals. I happily did that in my previous working positions, hoping to be able to continue doing so here in any way possible.

A good 8 years ago, I found myself accepting the opportunity to work for a company that deals with sports nutrition. In my 8 year experience where I worked closely with the CEO as his right-hand and in almost all the possible positions and fields I learned a lot about the business, retail, problem-solving, customers, myself and helping people. I also had the chance to meet a lot of fascinating and the smartest people that I still have the honour of knowing. So I guess all of these steps in life have led me here - to 13|37.

My way to put my mind at ease is by working out, with crossfit & hiking - where I can see & appreciate beautiful landscapes that we are surrounded with. I also like to relax and enjoy myself by listening to music, watching a good movie or a TV show, having a good meal, seeing new places and reading books.

Matic Lokovšek


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