Matej Hočevar

I grew up in a small village where most people preferred pen to paper than anything with a mouse or a keyboard. That is why I quickly became known as the guy who can fix your computer even though mostly I just had to turn it off and on again. What made me fall in love with computers was the idea that there are some things technology can do for and instead of me! To my six-years-old mind that was the closest thing to magic. My parents used to punish me for things I did or did't do by taking my power supply cable and I was convinced I was the smartest person in the world when I secretly bought another one and hid it under my bed to be used whenever I was being punished. So I guess you could say that computers have always been my partners in crime.

When I run into a problem, I try to focus all my energy towards solving that problem. Then, after a while, I let go of everything and let my thoughts wander while I do other things, like sweat my a off on my bike. Usually that helps me find the solution to my problem. It usually hits me suddenly, just when I am about to slowly die, trying to climb some 18 hill, or when I am negotiating with my wife about whose turn it is to take out the doggo.

That is what I love about my life – finding smart ways of solving a problem while doing things I love. Isn't that what life is all about?

Matej Hočevar


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