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Madeleine Schönemann

Madeleine Schönemann

As an experienced full-stack developer, I’ve come to realize that being a developer is much more than just writing code. The concepts I strive to live by - and have observed to be applicable in all areas of life, including software development - is curiosity, compassion, and courage.

I use my curiosity to learn new things, discover innovative solutions, and recognize the people around me and how we can apply our strengths to grow as a team. Teamwork can be challenging, but by being compassionate towards others - and myself - I aim to find consensus and enhance collaboration without losing the benefits of healthy conflict. Compassion serves as my guiding light towards my passion for inclusiveness and diversity.

I thrive on challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone, and I stand up to things I believe are wrong or if people are being mistreated. Courage doesn’t mean that I don’t get afraid - it means that I act despite being scared.


Madeleine Schönemann


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