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Luka Ločniškar

Luka Ločniškar

“It is not enough for code to work.”

I am an ex Microsoft software engineer who delivers high quality, maintainable and clean code. With a focus on cloud technologies and automation, I strive to lower the cost of development and increase the reliability and uptime of any product. I currently mainly work with the .NET stack of technologies.

My general approach to life is one of continuous improvement. Whether that be in my hobbies, relationships or my professional skills. To do so most efficiently one must appreciate and stand firmly on the foundations laid by their predecessors. “A dwarf on a giant's shoulders sees farther of the two.” - George Herbert.

As I have started so I will end my introduction with quotes from my favourite giant of software engineering, Robert C. Martin also known as Uncle Bob.

"You should name a variable using the same care with which you name a first-born child."


Luka Ločniškar


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