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Ludwig Schönbeck

Ludwig Schönbeck

Since the very early years I’ve loved maths - solving problems with numbers has always come naturally to me. While at school, my father even bought me extra text and exercise books since the ones my school provided me with seemed to be quite insufficient for my appetite.

This eventually led me to move from my home in Norrköping to Lund to study economics and finance.

When I’m not working, I am most likely doing something sports related. I spend most of my free time either watching sport or participating myself. I’ve mostly played football but I have also played handball, tennis, table tennis, paddle, squash, and “rink bandy”. Essentially if there is a ball and some level of competition involved, so am I. Besides my sometimes-intense passion for sport, I also enjoy spending some quality time with my friends and playing bass in an ever-changing cover band.


Ludwig Schönbeck


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