Lotta Wennolf

Ever since I worked my first day as a Project Manager in 2006 I have never looked back - I just love project management! The challenges that come with different projects, the interaction with people, and the variety each new project brings are all things that keep me on my toes, teaches me new things and keeps me developing into an even more experienced project manager.

With my background as a programmer, I love the mix of technology and working with - and coaching - people.

I have worked with small teams (2-4 people) and short projects (3-4 weeks) as well as large project teams (15 sub-project managers managing teams of 10-15 people) and longer projects (1-2 years) in the telecom, IT and med-tech industries.

I love to learn and develop as a person, and I do that by challenging myself and pushing me out of my comfort zone, both at work and privately.

When not working I exercise, currently crossfit is on the top of the list and gives me the possibility to challenge my mind and body and explore both physical and mental boundaries. I also travel when the opportunity arises, it's always fun to explore new countries and cultures.


Lotta Wennolf


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