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Li Cederblad-Friberg

Li Cederblad-Friberg

To best describe my professional career, I would say I’m a blend of all things that touch upon HR - a swirl of experience if you must. I first crossed paths with working in HR in 2006 and to put it the most cliché way; I’ve been hooked ever since! I have experience in Talent Acquisition, being a Consultant Manager as well as an HR manager. While my main roles have been within HR, I am no stranger to tech so my role as a TA manager at tretton37 is a perfect match! I have a strong passion for working with people and sparkle best when I work in a fast-paced environment.

Work-life aside, I would describe myself as a nature nerd who sleeps best outdoors under a sky full of stars. I’m also extremely into staying active, especially if the workouts are the type that almost make you faint (Crossfit FTW).

To conclude, I leave you with two of my life mottos that will really get you to understand who I am: ‘I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that,’ and “it all starts with you.”


Li Cederblad-Friberg


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