Jure Stepišnik

When I first applied I came in with s weary mind. I was (and still am) at the beginning of my development career and I didn’t think I lived up to the high standards of tretton37. As the interview time came i was still unsure of myself but they believed in me and that I am good enough. They saw something more. And now I am here. Part of the amazing company. No not a company but a family.

From my beginings with frontends and AngularJS to react and node I live and breathe the JavaScript stack. I am most fond of node and backend frameworks but the more I see and use react the more I want to explore it more. Now that i have the freedom to explore i also wish to expand my horizons and skills with docker and serverless.

Now I reflect on where I came from and where I’m going. the future is bright. Brighter than it ever was and I am excited every day when I wake up to start and create something beautiful for me and others to enjoy.

But development is not the only thing big in my life. Cycling has also been a big part of my life and still is. Without it I would not be where I am now. It gave me many values that I also search in others. From all the ups and down to falls and triumphs I came out a better human being. Only when you are down you appreciate when you are high.


Jure Stepišnik


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